Meet The Crew

Rubio & Jigalode Fishing Boards is the result of two up and coming brands fusing together to form the perfect marriage of fish and surf. Rubio Surf Designs, founded by Chris Gonzalez, is the South Florida custom label leader in surfing. Chris, a seasoned surfer, with a passion for art and design, first began shaping boards out of his backyard at the age of 17. Jigalode, is a fishing apparel brand, brought to life by founder, Damian Fernandez, whose lifelong ambition for fishing and design led him to the launch of his company in early 2013.

Both Chris and Damian started their businesses with one goal in mind: challenge the norm. So they each set out to leave their own unique footprint in the surfing and fishing industries. In 2014, that same mindset led them to bring their ideas together to form Rubio & Jigalode Fishing Boards. A board company that believes the quality and uniqueness of your experience on the water should be equal to the equipment and board that you use.